What is Neurolanguage Coaching®?

Neurolanguage Coaching® is a powerful approach1 which integrates elements and principles from coaching into the language learning process combined with what we know from neuroscience about how the brain likes to learn.


Neurolanguage coaches®1 use what they know from neuroscience about the brain and how it works to help the learner understand the learning process and how they can best make progress.

They recognise that no two brains are the same  and deliver a personalized learning experience, diagnosing unique learning styles and exploring individual needs and interests.

They create the bridge between neuroscience and practice.


Neurolanguage coaching
neurolanguage coaching


Coaches have a unique delivery style with brain-friendly coaching communication.  As an ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited course, Neurolanguage Coaching®1 includes elements from the coaching profession such as;

  • ICF standards (e.g confidentiality)
  • goal setting
  • action setting
  • motivation and commitment
  • goal review and feedback

Trained coaches have the ability to troubleshoot around the learning process (emotional, motivational…) to make it a positive experience for the learner.  


What are the benefits of Neurolanguage Coaching®?1

  • Learning is cost effective.  Learners don’t waste time learning about things they don’t need or are not interested in.  Learning is faster and always relevant. 

  • Learners are encouraged to make connections, making learning stronger.  Exploring and comparing the use of the mother tongue and English can help cement learning.

  • Motivation is always high as this is one of the skills of a Neurolanguage Coach® 1 We regularly check in with our learners, ensuring motivation is optimal and supporting them however we can as we accompany them on their language learning journey.

  • A Neurolanguage Coach® 1 takes their learner places, faster…


  • The Neurolanguage Coach® 1 is highly skilled and trained to help learners reach their full potential, fast.  Through brain-friendly coaching conversations, using powerful questions and active listening they are able to help the learner “know their brain” and reach the Perfect Learning State. Learning is made easier and more memorable. 

  • Learning is in bite-size chunks.  The learner can see the progress they are making.

  • Learning is 100% personalised.  A Neurolanguage Coach® 1 helps the learner set their own goals and time frames based on their interests and needs.  100% flexible, the learner leads the way. They learn what they want, when and how they want.