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Personalized language coaching for individuals and small groups to build confidence and improve your fluency

I believe everyone can feel confident being their English self

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Wouldn’t it be nice to…

    • Speak in English without feeling shy and embarrassed (and look like a tomato!)
    • Use the vocabulary and grammar you’ve studied for authentic communication; to get that dream job, to make new friends, to travel, to tell that funny story…
    • Not be afraid of making mistakes
    • Not feel like learning English is hard work and you don’t have the time for it
    • Rediscover the joy of learning English!
    • I help English learners who have intermediate level or above do exactly this and transform from feeling stuck, frustrated or unmotivated to Empowered, Confident and Motivated.  
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    We work together using brain-friendly strategies to improve your communication skills in English and build confidence step by step.

    As well as the Language (vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation) we also work on Mindset and Motivation. How open are you to learning? Are you afraid of making mistakes and taking risks? Is there anything holding you back? How can you change this?

    You create a personal Action Plan to help you keep focused and motivated. What are your goals? What are you going to do to get the results you’re looking for? How are you going to fit this into your busy lifestyle so it doesn’t feel like another chore on your “to-do” list?

    Ongoing coaching conversations and regular reviews in your sessions will help you keep on track, take action and make progress!

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    Want to get started right now?


    You feel stuck because you’re not making progress despite investing time and money You don’t feel confident communicating in English You feel frustrated because you can’t find the time for English Let’s change that! 

    Start to build your confidence and improve your fluency now. Sign up for my Fluency Starter Kit. 


    • Explore your reasons and motivations for learning English
    • Reflect on how you like to learn
    • Identify your strengths and challenges as an English learner
    • Set your personal language learning goals
    • Create a personal Action Plan based on your needs, interests and lifestyle
    • Get inspiration to take action!


    Fluency Starter Kit

    The Fluency Starter Kit



    • Needs analysis questionnaire and reflection questions
    • A 90 minute individual Neurolanguage coaching® session (+ recording)
    • A personal Action Plan template
    • Written feedback from the coaching session
    • A follow-up 30 minute check-in session (one month later)



    I liked that you took the time to explain to me how neurolanguage is used with concrete examples. I appreciated understanding the principles behind language learning.

    For once, in my English learning journey, I have finally found an approach that makes sense and resonates with me.

    Genevieve V