Are you a Smart English learner?

Tired of feeling stuck and overwhelmed? Discover the best way to learn English to express yourself confidently and fluently.

  • Do you want to improve your fluency in English but you can never seem to find the time?
  • Do you know where to find the best resources for you?
  • Do you know the best strategies to get results?
  • Do you get enough opportunities to practise?
  • Does learning English sometimes feel like hard work?
Neurolanguage Coach®

Hi, I’m Lisa, an English teacher and coach who helps English learners who have intermediate level or above find the time for English and transform from feeling stuck, frustrated or unmotivated to Empowered, Confident and Motivated.

I work with people who find it difficult to fit English into their daily lives but want to improve their fluency and open the doors to opportunity in their personal or professional life.

I help you discover what is holding you back, learn in a more efficient and effective way (smarter!) and build confidence to be Your best English Self.


YES to Fluency

A monthly membership programme for English learners intermediate level or above.


  • Improve your language and communication skills
  • Find focus and keep motivated
    Build your confidence
  • Create language learning habits that fit in with your lifestyle
  • Save time and money and learn more effectively
  • Rediscover the joy of learning English

Language Coaching

Individual and group language coaching programmes incorporating Neurolanguage CoachingⓇ principles:

  • Explore your hopes, needs and motivation for learning English
  • Set your goals to create your Action Plan

  • Get where you want to be faster, through brain-friendly coaching conversations and ongoing feedback and evaluation

    Learn Smarter Workshops

    Bi-monthly practical, interactive workshops to:

    • Learn strategies to improve your fluency and confidence

    • Learn how to put these strategies into practice
    • Connect with other learners from around the world
    • Ask questions and share opinions and ideas

        I would recommend learning English with Lisa without any hesitation.

        She is passionate about what she teaches and excellent at identifying what needs to be improved. She provides clear explanations, but more importantly, actionable steps to help achieve your next big goal.

        Genevieve V


        I got much more than what I signed up for. It’s been an incredibly positive experience!

        I’ve found the YES to Fluency programme truly inspiring. It has made me reflect and learn a lot while enjoying the process. I found out that motivation is the key to success in language learning, and having the most supportive coach and community has been the best part of this programme.

        I’m convinced we have all become more confident when expressing our ideas in English.

        Maria C


        Get started now on your journey to expressing yourself more fluently and confidently.

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