Lisa Wood outside office

Hi, I’m Lisa, an English teacher and Neurolanguage CoachⓇ

I help busy people find time for English so they can get unstuck and learn to express themselves confidently and fluently.

I’m also a language learner so I know that it’s not always easy!

Over the years I’ve studied a few languages, but here’s the thing…

Although I was a really good student and studied all the vocabulary and grammar rules, I didn’t have the confidence to speak.

I’m now learning Swedish (for no reason other than it makes me happy) but this time it’s going to be different…


The problem

Learning a language is an amazing thing which opens doors to opportunities for professional and personal growth but the problem is we don’t often do it as well as we could (not always our fault!)

We often spend most of our time studying lists of vocabulary and grammar rules, doing exercises in textbooks (because we don’t know how to do it any differently) and then we expect to express ourselves confidently and fluently.

Unfortunately this doesn’t happen, as you and I know!

And the result is, after months or even years of studying and we can’t communicate effectively, we feel stuck, frustrated and unmotivated (and we often blame ourselves!)

The good news is that after more than 25 years of teaching and learning languages; observing, listening and reflecting, I believe I’ve found the answer.

Do you want to express yourself more confidently and fluently in English?

Books related to mindset

The solution

I believe there are 4 things we need to focus on to improve our fluency, which I call The Fluency Puzzle. The problem is that many textbooks and courses only focus on one piece of this puzzle, “the language.”

Clearly, we can’t learn a language without (1) the language! You can’t express yourself in English without vocabulary and grammar or knowing pronunciation patterns.

But (and it’s a big but!) what about (3) Mindset and Motivation? Are you open to learning? Are you open to making mistakes and taking risks? Is there anything holding you back? How can you change this?

And then of course you also need (2) an Action Plan. What are your goals? What are you going to do to get results? How are you going to fit this into your busy lifestyle?

And the final piece (4) Community. Have you got a safe space to connect with other learners like you to practise? Have you got a place to ask your questions and share your experiences and opinions (even frustrations!)?

If you’re fed up of feeling stuck and want to feel Empowered, Confident and Motivated

I can help you:

✓ Learn and use vocabulary and grammar structures in a more effective and enjoyable way

✓ Prioritise pronunciation features that will help you express yourself more clearly and confidently

✓ Identify what is stopping you from making progress and what you can do to change it

✓ Set realistic goals to improve your fluency (and achieve them!)

✓ Find the right materials and resources to work on your goals

✓ Create healthy language learning habits

✓ Find time for English

✓ Connect with other learners

✓ Rediscover the joy of learning a language!

Come and join us in the YES community. Sign up for my YES mails and you’ll get:

✓ Tips and strategies for learning English smarter

✓ News about events happening in the YES community (some are free!)

✓ Advice about language learning through my personal stories and anecdotes. You’ll learn what to do (and not to do!) to become an amazing language learner (you’ll also learn about life in rural Galicia, “meet” my neighbours: a donkey and some goats my family, my pets and many more colourful characters…)

But most importantly you’ll be part of a community of like-minded people who you can learn from and with

I would recommend learning English with Lisa without any hesitation.

She is passionate about what she teaches and excellent at identifying what needs to be improved. She provides clear explanations, but more importantly, actionable steps to help achieve your next big goal.

Genevieve V


I feel more confident and motivated to continue learning and improving the English language

Lisa makes sessions easy to follow and to become proficient step by step without any stress and in a friendly way. Every class is a challenge to continue learning and improving…

Karina A


The not so professional bits…

When I’m not busy helping you be Your English Self you’ll probably find me at home reading, drinking tea, eating chocolate, and thinking about doing yoga. I also have a habit of “collecting” shoes, bags and stripy tops.

I wouldn’t want to be without my dog Suni (as well as the rest of my family!)

I frequently time travel (I live on the border between Spain and Portugal and they’re in different time zones!) Home is a small village in Galicia where I have a donkey and some goats for neighbours.

My other home is Bradford in the UK. I’ve lived in Spain for more than 20 years but I’m still a Yorkshire lass (“girl” in Yorkshire speak) at heart!

My third home is the world! I’m a culture junkie. I’ve been lucky to work in some amazing countries, explore new cultures, and meet some fantastic people. And that’s just one of the reasons I love my job!

Lisa with tea
Neurolanguage Coach Badge

The professional bits


  • Language Coaching Certification Course – Efficient Language Coaching International Coaching Federation (2019)
  • Cambridge RSA/Celta certificate in English language teaching (Grade A) International House, Barcelona (1999)
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) – University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne (1996/7)
  • BA Combined Honours (English, French, Anthropology) – University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne (1991/4)