YES to Fluency

Transform from stuck, frustrated, ummotivated to..



A community-based group programme for English learners intermediate and above  who want to improve their fluency and develop confidence


May 23rd - July 31st 2022



You can communicate confidently in English

If you learn SMARTER



You’ve spent time and money learning English but you still don’t feel confident when you speak.


You feel stuck, frustrated and unmotivated



Sound familiar?



If you're studying English by yourself or you're taking classes but need some help with your self study to stop feeling stuck, frustrated or unmotivated, you're in the right place.


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Joining the YES to Fluency programme will help you:


  • Improve your language and communication skills
  • Find focus and keep motivated
  • Create language learning habits that fit in with your lifestyle
  • Save time and learn more 
  • Build your confidence
  • Rediscover the joy of learning English


Who am I?

English language teacher and Neurolanguage Coach®

Lisa Wood Neruolanguage® Coach

I’m Lisa Jayne Wood, the creator of YES to Fluency and founder of Your English Self 


I believe in challenging traditional language learning methods to get better results. I encourage students and coachees to think outside of the box to learn smarter in order to become more confident and fluent in English and be their best “English Self”


One thing I know is that we spend too much time studying vocabulary and grammar rules and not paying attention to the other parts of the fluency puzzle. 


The result is that after years of studying we can’t communicate effectively. 


This is why I created YES to Fluency for learners like you who want to learn in a smarter, more effective and more enjoyable way.




Put away your textbook. Forget methods that are time-consuming and ineffective. Come and join us at YES to Fluency and start to learn English smarter.



english teacher


Live welcome Q&A


Ask any questions you have about the programme and get to know the other members.



The Fluency Puzzle workbook


Activities and reflection questions focusing one of the parts of the fluency puzzle:


  • Language (vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation…) 


  • Action Plan (goal setting, creating healthy language learning habits, strategies for learning, resources and materials…)  


  • Mindset and motivation (self-awareness, managing emotions, limiting beliefs...)



Speaking challenges & checklist


  • Speaking challenges on different topics  to build confidence and work on fluency


  • Record a short video or audio text to answer the questions


  • Share with the community


  • Checklist for self evaluation and to monitor progesss



conversation session


Conversation session


Conversation sessions to put into practise what you learn with other learners on the programme.



mighty networks




Online community


A private online support group where you have the opportunity to connect and interact with other members on the programme and me, your coach. 




If you need extra support and guidance

The YES to Fluency PLUS programme includes individual feedback on the speaking activities, a group coaching sessions and one individual coaching session.


Places are limited to 6




Free access to Learn Smarter Workshops. These hands-on, interactive workshops help you develop the fluency skills you need to communicate confidently.



"I liked that you took the time to explain to me how neurolanguage is used with concrete examples. I appreciated understanding the principles behind language learning. For once, in my English learning journey, I have finally found an approach that makes sense and resonates with me."


- Genevieve Veilleux, Canada



YES to Fluency 

Transform from stuck, frustrated, unmotivated to...


Got more questions?

What  level do I need to do the programme?


The programme is for adult learners, intermediate or above (B1, B2, C1 CEFR)


I'm not sure if the programme is right for me...


Get in touch and let's meet for a vitual coffee chat.


Do the YES to Fluency taster programme. You pay for the first 5 weeks and if you decide to continue with the rest of the programme, the extra will be deducted from the remaining balance. 

When do I pay?


You can pay in 1 installment at least 24 hours before the programme begins 


You can pay in 2 installments, at least 24 hours before the start of the first and second half of the programme.



“I highly recommend Lisa. She teaches language in a non-traditional way and at the same time covers all the requirements and skills that people need to learn and improve the English language”


- Karina Arce, Peru



Learn English smarter


You can keep using traditional methods to learn English and maybe one day you’ll get results.


Or, if you are serious about speaking English confidently, you can say YES to Fluency and discover strategies to make learning faster and more effective and start getting results now.


heart and brain

YES to Fluency


                               Live welcome Q&A session & recording

                               Focus on Fluency challenges & Workbook

                               Speaking prompts & workbook & rubric for self evaluation

                               Conversation sessions

                               Private online community

                               Learn Smarter Workshops


                               YES to Fluency PLUS

                              All of the above

                              1 group coaching session a month & recording

                              1 individual coaching session a trimester 





YES to Fluency 120€

YES to Fluency PLUS 220


*The 10 week programme can be paid in 2 installments:
YES to Fluency: 2 installments of 63€ 
YES to Fluency PLUS: 2 installments of 115.50€
(to pay in installments contact me


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