Learn English Smarter Workshop

 Limiting beliefs:

How to overcome them and get better results!

Thursday 7th April

19:00 CEST


YES you can feel



If you learn SMARTER

Are you studying English by yourself or taking classes but you need some help with your self study?

Want to discover how to learn English smarter to feel like you're making progress and getting results?

Sign up for the Learn Smarter Workshop 


You’ll learn:


  • How to decide what to focus on when it comes to pronunciation


  • Strategies you can use that will get you results



Everyone’s destination is different, everyone’s goals will be different, everyone’s route to get there will be different. 


Discover how to choose the strategies that will get you results on your unique language learning journey and take action to move in the right direction. 


Who am I?

English language teacher and Neurolanguage Coach®

Lisa Wood Neruolanguage® Coach

I help learners transform from feeling stuck, frustrated or unmotivated when they study English to feeling EMPOWERED, CONFIDENT and MOTIVATED.


I help English learners find their own learning path, create their individual learning plan and become unblocked to express themselves confidently and fluently.


In my Learn Smarter Workshops we challenge traditional learning methods and explore strategies to help you become an autonomous, successful lifelong language learner.





Put away your textbook. Forget methods that are time-consuming and ineffective.

Start to learn smarter using strategies that work.


learn smarter workshop



75 minute interactive workshop


You will work in a small group to share your personal experiences            and opinions, discuss effective strategies and consider your next              steps to take action.




Guided questions to reflect on the topic of the workshop, to plan your next steps and take action.



"I liked that you took the time to explain to me how neurolanguage is used with concrete examples. I appreciated understanding the principles behind language learning. For once, in my English learning journey, I have finally found an approach that makes sense and resonates with me."

- Genevieve Veilleux, Canada

Learn Smarter Workshop

Limiting beliefs:

How to overcome them and get better results!


Have more questions?

What English level do I need to participate in a workshop?


The Learn Smarter workshops are for adult learners, intermediate level or above (B1, B2, C1 CEFR)


Do I need an account to join a workshop?


The workshops will take place on Zoom. You don’t need an account. When you sign up you’ll receive the link to join.



Can I watch a recording of the workshops?


The workshops will be recorded but as they are interactive, practical sessions I recommend attending live if you can.

*Some of the time will be spent in small groups sharing opinions and doing activities and this will not be recorded. 



“I highly recommend Lisa. She teaches language in a non-traditional way and at the same time covers all the requirements and skills that people need to learn and improve the English language”


- Karina Arce, Peru



Learn English smarter



You can keep using traditional methods to learn English and maybe one day you’ll get results.


Or, if you are serious about improving your fluency in English, you can sign up for a workshop and discover strategies to make learning faster and more effective and start getting results now.


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Learn English Smarter workshops

Limiting beliefs:

How to overcome them and get better results!


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