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The Fluency Puzzle

4 things you need to communicate in English confidently



Thursday 13th January 18:00 CET

You’ve invested time and money learning English and you’re not seeing the results you expected.

You feel…

Stuck. Frustrated. Unmotivated.


You’re probably missing a piece of The Fluency Puzzle 

The Fluency Puzzle is made up of 4 pieces. To speak English easily, well and effectively, we need to focus on all 4.

But the problem is…

Most learners, courses, curriculums and education systems only focus on 1 piece of The Fluency Puzzle

Want to transform from stuck, frustrated and unmotivated to...

Empowered. Confident. Motivated?

Join my free webinar

You’ll learn:


      •       - Why it’s not your fault that you feel stuck, frustrated or unmotivated

              - What the 4 pieces of The Fluency Puzzle are and why we need all 4

        •       - How to learn English smarter

              - What you can do to start learning smarter now!

Who am I?

English language teacher and Neurolanguage Coach®

Lisa Wood Neruolanguage® Coach

I help learners transform from feeling stuck, frustrated or unmotivated to empowered, confident and motivated.


My mission at Your English Self is to challenge traditional learning methods and help English language learners feel empowered and confident to communicate in their own English voice and be their unique English self.


I help learners identify what is holding them back and teach them strategies to move forward.


In this webinar I’ll show you what you need to be your best English self.



"I liked that you took the time to explain to me how neurolanguage is used with concrete examples. I appreciated understanding the principles behind language learning. For once, in my English learning journey, I have finally found an approach that makes sense and resonates with me."


- Genevieve Veilleux, Canada



The Fluency Puzzle

4 things you need to communicate in English confidently

Have a question?

What English level do I need to participate in the webinar?


This webinar is for adult learners, intermediate or above (B1, B2, C1, C2 CEFR)


Do I need an account to join the webinar?


The webinar will take place on Zoom. You don’t need an account. When you sign up you’ll receive the link to join.



Can I watch a recording of the webinar?


If you can’t attend the live webinar, sign up anyway. I’ll send the recording to your email. But taking part will be more fun!



“I highly recommend Lisa. She teaches language in a non-traditional way and at the same time covers all the requirements and skills that people need to learn and improve the English language”


- Karina Arce, Peru



Learn English smarter



You can keep using traditional methods to learn English and maybe one day you’ll get results.



Or, if you are serious about speaking English fluently you can join this webinar and discover the 4 parts of The Fluency Puzzle to help you become empowered, confident and motivated.



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The Fluency Puzzle

4 things you need to communicate in English confidently

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