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A friendly online community to use your English, build confidence and improve your fluency.

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Does this sound familiar?

You want to improve your English fluency but you feel stuck because…

You’re really busy and you find it difficult to fit English into your life

And on the rare occasion you find time, you do what you’ve always done: study lists of vocabulary and grammar rules then do some exercises in your textbook

But it doesn’t seem to help you!

You just want to…

  • find your words to join in the conversation at work, at home… without feeling anxious
  • use your English without doubting yourself so much
  • feel relaxed and comfortable speaking English
  • feel like yourself once and for all!

But why does it feel so hard?

People are constantly telling us we can “get fluent in 3 months” so of course when that doesn’t happen (because it probably won’t) we feel frustrated and like it’s our fault.


We do more of what doesn’t work (study grammar, learn lists of vocabulary, complete exercises in grammar books) 


And when we see that we’re going around in circles and we still don’t feel relaxed and comfortable in English, our motivation fades and we become inconsistent. 


And in the worst case scenario, we give up!


But don’t worry, it’s not your fault and it’s not time to give up!


What if I told you that there’s another way that will finally help you to feel so proud of Your English Self that there’s no stopping you…


Are you ready to say YES to Fluency?

Language Coach

Hi. I’m Lisa 

 I’m an English teacher and Neurolanguage Coach® and the founder of Your English Self.

 I work with busy people who find it difficult to fit English into their daily lives but want to improve their fluency and open the doors to opportunity in their personal or professional life.

 I help you make the best use of your time to improve your fluency in a more effective and enjoyable way (we don’t study grammar rules and we don’t make endless lists of vocabulary.) I help you take action and get stuff done so you can use your English without doubting yourself, join in the conversation  and really feel like yourself. I help you be the best version of Your English Self 

Why did I create my membership Yes to Fluency?


Because what’s happening to you, happened to me too and it happens to lots of the people I work with.


It’s taken me more than 35 years (too painful to count the exact number!) of teaching and learning languages to know it’s not enough to learn lists of vocab and study grammar rule after grammar rule. 


I’ve finally realised that one of the missing parts of the fluency puzzle is a community and how freaking important it is to have a safe space to connect with other learners; a place to experiment, take risks, make mistakes and have fun, because learning a language should be fun!

Books related to mindset

Why should I join?

YES to Fluency will help you:

✓ Create healthy language learning habits that fit in with your lifestyle

✓ Set realistic goals to improve your fluency 

✓ Find the right materials and resources to work on your goals

✓ Find time for English

✓ Build your confidence

✓ Rediscover the joy of learning English…


And you’ll do all of this in a community of people just like you!


What is YES to Fluency?


A membership for English learners who want to improve their fluency and build confidence to finally feel like themselves in English. It’s…

A place where you feel comfortable to use your English and you’re not afraid of making mistakes.

A place where there are people like you who have the same struggles and you can ask all the questions you have about learning English

A place where people help you keep motivated and moving forward

A place where you can find resources quickly to help you improve your listening, speaking, reading, writing…

A place where you can enjoy learning English

YES to Fluency

What you get:

Community forum 

A safe, friendly online space to:

  • Share your ideas, opinions, challenges or difficulties, celebrate your wins and ask any questions you need answering!
  • Keep motivated: Interacting with other learners can encourage you to keep going
  • Share your progress and goals with others can keep you on track with your language learning objectives.
  • Explore other cultures – if you’re a culture junkie like me you’ll find this fascinating! 



membership community


Resource Bank

A growing bank of materials and resources, easily searchable by hashtags to work on everything from your language skills to your thinking skills (mindset!)

Resource bank<br />

Weekly bite-size live “lessons”

Every Monday, I’ll go live for 5/10 minutes in the community forum to share a tip, strategy, or idea to help you Take Action and keep moving forward even if you’re super busy. You can catch up later if you can’t join me live

Live sessions

2 live sessions a month (conversation session & coffee chat)* to meet up with other members to talk about stuff of interest (you choose) and use your English to grow in confidence.


Members discounts on other YES products and services (1-2-1 coaching packages, workshops, courses, programmes…)

Yes to Fluency has opened a door for me in my learning of English.


Because I started to speak without fear of being wrong, since the community helps you and respects you. With this international community we learn about other cultures, other countries, with the English language as the vehicular language and this is sometimes fun, other times interesting, but it is always enriching.

Nuria V, Spain

The community really helps me to feel less alone in this learning process.

I learn different things from different people and sources and among them how to make the most of my time, best ways of learning, which is very valuable now; and I practise speaking in a not stressful environment.

Elvira R


Are you ready to get unstuck and use your English without doubting yourself so much?

Are you ready to find your words and join in the conversation?

Are you ready to feel like yourself in English?

…all without the stress?

Say YES to Fluency

12€ monthly