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A safe, friendly space to practise your English, build confidence and improve your fluency.

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Are you a busy person who wants to improve their fluency in English but can’t find the time to do it so you feel stuck, overwhelmed and frustrated?

Are you tired of spending time and money on courses, books, apps that don’t get you results?

Are you tired of feeling like learning English is a chore?

I hear you!

How to beat perfectionism

I’m Lisa Wood, an English language teacher and Neurolanguage Coach®

I help English learners who have intermediate level or above transform from feeling stuck, frustrated or unmotivated to Empowered, Confident and Motivated.

I work with busy people who find it difficult to fit English into their daily lives but want to improve their fluency and open the doors to opportunity in their personal or professional life.

I help them learn in a more efficient and effective way (smarter!) and build confidence to be their best English self.

One thing I know is that we spend too much time studying vocabulary and grammar rules and not paying attention to the other parts of The Fluency Puzzle.

The result is that after years of studying we can’t communicate effectively.

This is why I created YES to Fluency to help people learn in a smarter, more effective and more enjoyable way.


What is YES to Fluency?

YES to Fluency is a monthly membership programme which includes live sessions,self-study materials and a discussion forum.


Join the bi-monthly conversation and group coaching sessions to connect with the other members, ask your questions, share your opinions, practise your English and grow in confidence.


Watch my short video lessons – monthly challenges – to explore brain-friendly strategies to help you learn English more effectively and efficiently (all at your own pace!)


Continue the discussion in the community forum. A safe and supportive place to get all the answers to your questions and just have a good old chit chat in English! And if you don’t feel comfortable sharing something in the community, send me a private message there.


YES to Fluency

Why should I join?

Through the live sessions, self-study materials and in the discussion forum, you’ll:

✓ Learn and use vocabulary and grammar structures in a more effective and enjoyable way

✓ Prioritise pronunciation features that will help you express yourself more clearly and confidently

✓ Identify what is stopping you from making progress and what you can do to change it

✓ Set realistic goals to improve your fluency (and achieve them!)

✓ Find the right materials and resources to work on your goals

✓ Create healthy language learning habits that fit in with your lifestyle

✓ Find time for English

✓ Build your confidence

✓ Rediscover the joy of learning English!


What’s inside?

Self-Study Materials

Monthly challenges to help you:

  • Learn vocabulary and use grammar in real life situations
  • Improve your pronunciation
  • Develop strategies to overcome mindset blocks and keep motivated
  • Create healthy language learning habits and fit English into your lifestyle with no stress or overwhelm

A challenge includes:

  • Short video lessons on the topic of the month
  • Activities and reflection questions to help you take action and make progress
  • Discussion in the community forum

Community Forum

A private online space to connect and interact with other members and me, your coach.

Share your ideas, opinions, and struggles (you’ll be surprised how many people have the same difficulties!)

Ask any questions you need answering and get unlimited personal feedback.

And of course, celebrate your successes!

    Live Sessions

    Practise your English in a safe, friendly space twice a month with other learners like you.

    Live Meet & Greet welcome party:

    • Ask any questions you have about the membership and get to know the other members here.

    Conversation / Group coaching sessions

    But that’s not all!

    You’ll get a members-only YES mail at the beginning of each month with information about:

    • the monthly challenge
    • useful resources
    • invitations to special events and member discounts


    conversation session
    Learn Smarter Workshop


    You’ll get a free pass to my Learn Smarter Workshops.

    These hands-on, interactive workshops help you develop the fluency skills you need to communicate confidently.


    I would recommend learning English with Lisa without any hesitation.

    She is passionate about what she teaches and excellent at identifying what needs to be improved. She provides clear explanations, but more importantly, actionable steps to help achieve your next big goal.

    Genevieve V


    I feel more confident and motivated to continue learning and improving the English language

    Lisa makes sessions easy to follow and to become proficient step by step without any stress and in a friendly way. Every class is a challenge to continue learning and improving…

    Karina A


    You can keep using traditional methods to learn English and maybe one day you’ll get results.


    Or, if you are serious about speaking English confidently, you can say YES to Fluency and:


    • Discover new strategies to make learning faster and more effective
    • Save time looking for resources
    • Get advice and personal feedback from me and the other members without having to pay for expensive courses or coaching programmes
    • Stop feeling alone on this journey


    Learn English without a textbook

    Doors open again in January 2023