Imagine never saying these words again...
“I don’t have time for English!”

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Make time for English:

how to fit it into your busy life!


You’ve been learning English on and off for a good few years and you enjoy it (most of the time)


But you sometimes get frustrated because it was easy to find time for English when you were young and carefree with no responsibilities. Now you’re a grown-up and there are so many things to fit into your day! Work, household chores, family, pets…


How on earth is it possible to make time for English as well?


The good news is, it is possible...

...if you learn SMARTER!

The problem is when we manage our time (if we manage it!) we don’t create space for English. It gets put to the bottom of the pile because there’s always something more important to do, right?


And when we do manage to grab a bit of time here and there, we don’t always use that time as well as we could to get the results we’re looking for.


So of course, we feel stuck and frustrated. And when we feel stuck and frustrated, motivation levels go down, down, down and in the worst case scenario, we give up!


But don’t despair, it’s not time for you to give up! You just need a few tips and tricks in your back pocket to help you create space, make the most of your “English time” and be consistent!

Lisa Wood Neruolanguage® Coach

Hi. I'm Lisa 


I used to be a young, carefree student but then I grew up and became a stressed out language learner and teacher, juggling work, family, hobbies and learning languages.


I felt guilty if I didn’t correct students’ exams for the next day, I felt guilty if I didn’t spend time with my children, I felt guilty if I didn’t study Spanish and Galician (I needed them for my job) until…


I started to manage my time more effectively and work, learn and play smarter!

And I'm excited to share with you what I’ve learned over many years of teaching and learning languages - in 45 minutes!

These days I’m a much less stressed out English teacher and Neurolanguage Coach® and the founder of Your English Self.


I work with busy people who find it difficult to fit English into their daily lives but want to improve their fluency and open the doors to opportunity in their personal or professional life.


I help you make the best use of your time to learn in a more effective and enjoyable way. I help you take action and get stuff done to be the best version of Your English Self.


Free Workshop

Make time for English:

how to fit it into your busy life!


You’ll learn:


Why you can’t afford not to manage your time better


How to create space for English (no matter how busy you are!)


How to make the best use of this time to maximise your results!


How I can help you if you decide to not do it alone (although you absolutely can with the right strategies and mindset!)


Plus you can ask any questions you have in Q&A time!

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"I would recommend learning English with Lisa without any hesitation. She is passionate about what she teaches and excellent at identifying what needs to be improved."


She provides clear explanations, but more importantly, actionable steps to help achieve your next big goal. I wish I had found Lisa earlier in my English learning journey. That would allow me to progress faster.


- Genevieve Veilleux, Canada



Imagine never saying these words again...

I haven't got time for English!


 You don't have to! 

Join me on Thursday 20th April at 19:00 CEST

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Free Workshop

Make time for English:

how to fit it into your busy life!


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