YES to Fluency


A membership programme for English learners who want to build confidence and improve their fluency


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You can improve your English faster...

...if you learn SMARTER



Are you a busy person who wants to improve their fluency in English but can’t find the time to do it?


Do you start to work on your English but find it difficult to be consistent and keep going?


Do you feel like you're stuck and not making progress?


Are you tired of spending money on courses, books, apps that don’t get you results?


Are you ready to try a different way of learning English that will help you get those results you’re looking for?


Say YES to Fluency!

Join my YES to Fluency membership programme to:

✓  Learn and use vocabulary and grammar structures in a more effective and enjoyable way


✓  Prioritise pronunciation features that will help you express yourself more clearly and confidently


✓  Identify what is stopping you from making progress and what you can do to change it


✓  Set realistic goals to improve your fluency (and achieve them!)


✓  Find the right materials and resources to work on your goals


✓  Create healthy language learning habits that fit in with your lifestyle


✓  Find time for English


✓  Build your confidence


✓  Rediscover the joy of learning English!


Who am I?

English language teacher and Neurolanguage Coach®

Lisa Wood Neruolanguage® Coach

I’m Lisa Jayne Wood, the creator of YES to Fluency and founder of Your English Self 


I help English learners who have intermediate level or above transform from feeling stuck, frustrated or unmotivated to Empowered, Confident and Motivated.


I work with busy people who find it difficult to fit English into their daily lives but want to improve their fluency and open the doors to opportunity in their personal or professional life.


I help them make the best use of their time to learn in a more effective and efficient way (smarter!) and build confidence to be their best English self.


One thing I know is that we spend too much time studying vocabulary and grammar rules and the result is that after years of studying we can’t communicate effectively. 


This is why I created YES to Fluency to help people learn in a smarter, more effective and more enjoyable way and take action to get stuff done and get results!




Put away your textbook. Forget methods that are time-consuming and ineffective. Come and join us at YES to Fluency and start to learn English smarter.

english teacher


Live "Meet & Greet" welcome party!


Ask any questions you have about the membership and get to know the other members; your "fluencymates"






Self Study materials


Each month there is a monthly challenge to help you improve your language skills, create healthy language learning habits and build confidence.


A challenge includes:


    • A short video lesson
  • Activities and reflection questions
  • Discussion in the online community


All activities are self-paced, designed to be completed when and if you decide!


Resource Bank with links to learning materials, articles, podcasts, videos...


your english self community

Online community


A private online space to connect and interact with other members and me, your coach.


Share your ideas, opinions, challenges or difficulties, celebrate your wins and ask any questions you need answering!


conversation session


Live conversation / group coaching sessions


Use your English in a safe space twice a month with your "fluencymates" to build confidence and improve your fluency.





"I feel more motivated and more confident with smarter learning strategies

that I've started to put in practice and I've learnt so much from everyone.

This programme has had a very important impact on my life not only from

a language learning point of view, but also on a personal level."


- Maria C, Spain



YES to Fluency 


27€ a month 

Got questions?

What  level do I need to join the membership?


The membership is for adult learners, intermediate or above (B1, B2, C1 CEFR)


I'm not sure if the membership is right for me...


Get in touch and let's meet for a quick virtual coffee chat.



When do I pay?


The membership is monthly. You will be charged on the same day each month but you can cancel whenever you want.


“I highly recommend Lisa. She teaches language in a non-traditional way and at the same time covers all the requirements and skills that people need to learn and improve the English language”


Karina Arce, Peru


For me, Yes to Fluency has marked a before and after in learning English or any other language. Creating community, having a leader who encourages you, who makes you see positive things, feel comfortable with your shortcomings and progress, it's incredible. Thank you all for making me grow!"


Nuria V, Spain



Learn English Smarter

You can keep using traditional methods to learn English and maybe one day you’ll get results.


Or, if you are serious about speaking English confidently, you can say YES to Fluency and discover strategies to make learning faster and more effective and start getting results now.

heart and brain

"I really find useful this membership, especially live sessions. I like to have the opportunity to speak in English, which is not always easy. And I find Lisa’s explanations really helpful."

Judit S, Spain

YES to Fluency


Live "Meet & Greet" & recording

Self Study Materials

Resource bank 

 Private community forum 

Live conversation/group coaching sessions


27€ a month 

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