How to find the best resources for learning English, fast!

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There are so many great resources out there for learning English. Websites, blogs, podcasts, articles, books, Ted talks, YouTube,  Netflix and the rest… and lots of them are free!

But do you ever feel overwhelmed by so many?

Do you spend a lot of time (too much) looking for and choosing your resources?

Let me help!

2 things you can do to reduce the time looking for resources and find the right resources for you (we don’t all need or want the same things!)

1. Organise your resources for learning English

Create collections or lists of resources so you don’t waste time and energy looking for them. Avoid unnecessary frustration and procrastination with a go-to list of all your favourites.

What tools can I use?

A good old notebook and pen (plus post-its, highlighters…)

A Word document or Google Doc 

A spreadsheet like Excel or Google Sheets (use the “filter” tool to find your resources even faster) Make a copy of my tracker and get started right away!

A digital bookmarking tool. Some of my favourites are:

How can I organise my resources?

Our brains are unique. What makes sense to me doesn’t necessarily make sense to you. Choose a way that works for you.

Some ideas are:

By skill (listening, reading, writing, speaking)

By type (podcast, article, Ted talk, video, blog…)

By topic (giving presentations, small talk, asking for opinions, talking about the weather…)

By the language focus (vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation)

Check out my tracker for an example that works for me (feel free to make a copy if it works for you too.)

2. Choose your resources carefully

Some things to consider when choosing resources are:

Are they relevant? 

Resources are relevant if they help you move toward your goals. If your goal is to prepare for an interview then watching videos in English on TikTok about cooking might not be the best resource for you right now.

Ask yourself what your  priority is and what you need to practise.

Are they interesting?

Do they match your interests? If fishing bores the pants off you, then watching videos or reading articles about fishing is not going to help you keep motivated. If you love reading mystery stories in your own language then chances are you’ll enjoy them in English too!

Are they the right level?

Look for resources that offer a challenge without being too challenging. If resources are too difficult then you’ll get frustrated. On the other hand, if they’re too easy you’ll get bored and you won’t learn anything new. In the worst case scenario you’ll give up through frustration or boredom!

Resources should be just challenging enough (a little bit more difficult than your current level.) 

Are they varied?

There’s a saying in English “variety is the spice of life” Mixing things up can keep things interesting and help you stay motivated.

Check out different kinds of resources such as online courses, language apps, YouTube channels, communities, articles, podcasts, movies, books, quizzes, games… and try to include a mix in your learning practice.

Do they include feedback and support?

Getting feedback is an important part of your learning journey. Language  learning communities are a great place for this. Ask questions, share your ideas, identify ways you can improve and move closer to being the best version of your English self.


Ask for recommendations from people you trust: other learners, language experts and teachers.

Listen and read >>>

Next steps

If you’re fed up of wasting precious time and energy,  start creating your own list of resources for learning English now using my tracker or one of the other ways I recommend.

Not got time to create your own list or collection? I’ve done it for you! 

In my community YES to Fluency we have a Resource Bank where you can quickly locate a resource to practise your listening, reading, speaking or writing skills. Podcasts, Ted talks, newspaper articles, grammar websites, blogs, vlogs, quizzes, games… all at your fingertips!

And it keeps on growing and growing!

But that’s not all you get inside our community. As well as saving oodles of time with the Resource Bank you also:

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