More and more people are choosing to learn English online. Why? What are the benefits of learning online?

1. Learning online is flexible

Maybe you have to work late, maybe you can’t get a babysitter, maybe you have other commitments and you can’t go to class. On some online courses you can watch the recording of class so you don’t miss anything.

Some online courses don’t have live classes so you can work at your own pace (as fast or as slow as like) when you choose.

You can also choose where you study or go to class. Do you prefer to be at home? On the sofa, in the study, in the garden? Or do you prefer to be in your office at work or maybe outside in the park or in the garden? Maybe you don’t have much time so you study while you are travelling to and from work. You choose!

2. It’s social

With new technology, it is easier to connect with people from all around the world, anytime and anywhere. To learn to speak a language well we need to practise! Nowadays we can connect with other learners online and communicate in live classes, on course forums, on social media platforms linked to our courses… There are lots of opportunities to ask, discuss, share and learn.

3. Save time and money

Save time and money travelling. You don’t need to travel anywhere to go to class! Also you don’t usually need to buy any extra materials such as textbooks. All the materials are usually included in the price of your course.

4. Learn new skills

Online learning is up to date and relevant. You use new technologies to access and create materials and assignments. You use these tools and resources to do your course but they are transferable skills which could be useful in your professional life too.

5. It’s eco-friendly

You can learn and protect the planet at the same time! Less travelling = less pollution, and, using digital materials = more trees in our forests 🙂

Sounds great, right?

My coaching programmes offer all the benefits of online learning; Courses are 100% personalised, you decide what, when and how you want to learn. We don’t use textbooks: All materials and resources are provided free of charge so there is no additional cost (and you will definitely learn some new skills using innovative tools for learning!) In addition, no travelling to our virtual, paperless classroom means you are definitely helping to protect our planet.

Learning is definitely social! You can connect with learners from all around the world in our community on social media and in our private Facebook group The YES Crowd, to practise your English. Or how about coming to The Culture Cafe? The Culture Cafe is a friendly online place to meet other people learning English. We connect to discuss all kinds of topics related to culture and share our experiences and opinions.

Reserve your place at The Culture Cafe. Then log in, sit back, relax and enjoy the benefits of online learning…

These are just some of the benefits of online learning. Can you think of any more? Have you ever done any learning online? Would you like to try it? Add your opinions in the comments section below 😉

Hopefully see you sometime soon in our community!