Explore other cultures and become more fluent in English.

The Culture Cafe is a friendly online space to connect with other people who want to improve their English speaking skills.

Discover brain-friendly strategies to help you build confidence and communicate more effectively in English

Who is The Culture Cafe for?

  • You’ve learnt lists and lists of vocabulary and studied tonnes of grammar but you don’t feel confident when you speak English. Why?
  • You can’t find the words you need sometimes. Why?
  • You often feel frustrated. Why?
  • You want to use the vocabulary and grammar you study to speak more fluently but you don’t know how

Is this you?

Come to The Culture Cafe and Iโ€™ll show you how…

โœ” Connect with other learners like you to practise your English speaking skills in a friendly, supportive place

โœ” Build confidence

โœ” Improve your fluency

โœ” Explore the world and discover other ways of thinking and doing

โœ” Transform the way you learn English (no text books!)

4 week fluency programmes

Connect with other people around the world to focus on fluency, build your confidence and free Your English Self

Complete speaking challenges, receive feedback and meet up with the other members in our live Q&A sessions.

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Fluency through literature

Conversation sessions

Connect with other people around the world to build your confidence and develop your fluency in English.

Get to know other cultures and see the world from other perspectives.

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Fluency through literature

Why The Culture Cafe?

Iโ€™m Lisa, a self confessed culture junkie. Iโ€™ve always been fascinated by other cultures. This passion led me to study anthropology as part of my degree at uni and to travel at any opportunity.

It was on my travels that I realised that we canโ€™t truly learn a language without understanding its culture and we canโ€™t fully understand a culture without knowing something about its language.

Now more than ever, in our increasingly global connected society, cultural understanding and empathy is essential if we want to build good relationships and help create a more positive world.

Lisa in Egypt