Do you need to improve your English for work, study or travel?

Maybe you are moving to an English speaking country or maybe it’s just your new hobby…

Whatever your reasons, request a free language coaching session with me to start speaking English more confidently now!

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My language coaching sessions are 100% personalised for individuals or small groups to reflect specific needs and interests.

We work together using brain-friendly strategies to improve your communication skills in English and build confidence step by step.

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In your free introductory session, together we will:

  • explore your reasons and motivations for learning English
  • have an informal conversation to assess your speaking skills
  • reflect on how you like to learn
  • set your SMART goals to create your individual learning plan
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* If you are a group, one member choose the time and add the other members

Neurolanguage Coach
Neurolanguage coaching sessions

Step 2

Check your email for confirmation and the links to the level placement test and needs analysis and our free introductory session.

I look forward to seeing you there!

After your free session I will send you a copy of everything we discussed with the best coaching package offers for you.